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Lazy Lidz Sleep Mask Review

I have soooo needed this for a long time! When I’m trying to sleep at night, I have street lights and my porch light shining in my bedroom, even with darkened curtains. I don’t like to cover my head up with my blankets, and now I don’t have to! The Lazy Lidz sleep mask is awesome! The fit is wonderful, and it has velcro in the back to be able to adjust it, rather than a one size fits all concept. There is a really cool “lid” that goes over the bridge of your nose to keep the light out. It even came with earplugs! How cool is that? So not only can I sleep in darkness, but I won’t have to  hear my cat snoring..haha!! She is old, and snores so much! The earplugs have a handy holding place right on the band, so you won’t  lose them, either!  You can get yours here.    I received this product free in exchange for an honest review.


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