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Lift Care Lemon Essential Oils


Lift Care Essential Oils Lemon Oil is one of my favorite essential oils. It has so many uses for it. A good friend of mine uses it to clean the inside of her dryer. She said it helps get sticky stuff off that was left by one of those dryer cleaning bars. Another good use for it is to put it into your oil diffuser for an energy boost.

essential oil

You can use it to cook with, as long as you are only ingesting small amounts. You can add a little kick to your sugar cookies, or lemonade.

You can use it to make a lovely cleaning mix, according to Dr. Axe. The recipe for this mix is:

40 drops lemon oil

20 drops tea tree oil

splash of white vinegar (optional)

16 oz pure water

spray bottle

Keep this on hand for a great cleaning solution!

I personally love the smell of this in my diffuser. The handy dropper that comes with it makes it easy to measure it out properly.  Go to Amazon and take a look!


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