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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2017


Divaderme Cosmetics has just the makeup you need to enhance your eyes!

About Divaderme

makeupDivaderme Professional Cosmetics is a world famous luxurious line of 2 in 1 beauty products, a perfect fusion of 100% natural Problem Solution Cosmetics + Advanced Lavish Treatments. Founded and formulated in Italy by a family team of visionaries, inventors, natural chemists, and professional artists, Divaderme Professional Cosmetics has evolved science and nature’s secrets to create the most prestigious formulations imaginable. Divaderme’s beautiful long lashes, perfectly shaped eyebrows, luscious shimmering lips, flawless makeup and radiant skincare are in a class of their own.

For over 30 years, Divaderme’s sophisticated Semi-Permanent niche products perform with unparalleled refinement and instant dramatic results. Each treatment is prepared with nature’s finest ingredients creating the world’s most innovative avant-garde formulations. A perfect fusion of art, science and luxury Divaderme Professional Cosmetics delivers amazing products with effortless elegance. Luminous textures and a pallet of chic European ultra feminine colors are used to create timeless beauty. Divaderme Professional Cosmetics is the choice of the world’s most discerning women. Become an instant Diva with Divaderme Professional Cosmetics.

My Thoughts

Before receiving Divaderme Cosmetics for review, I had never heard of them. I wasn’t sure what to expect, so I figured I would just jump on in and start using them. Divaderme has a 2-in1 semi-permanent treatment serum that gives you a sun kissed glow. It’s easy to apply and doesn’t dry sticky and weird feeling.

My initial thought was that I loved the selection. There is a great variety to choose from within each product in their line. You can sufficiently choose the color that best suits you.


makeupThe liners state that they are semi-permanent, meaning they will stay put until they are washed off. I found this to be true. I put the liner on in the morning, and admittedly, I slept in it that night, and it was still there the next morning. Yes, I know, I shouldn’t sleep in my makeup. In my defense, I was super tired and just couldn’t stay away to take it

Now, with the liners, there are eye liners and lip liners. They aren’t marked as such, just as a liner, so they can actually be interchanged as lip or eye liner. There was several colors to choose from, from blacks to pinks. I’ve used it as both myself. The liner can be used as a lip stain as well! That I found out by accident..haha! I had put too much liner on my lip and it ran down a bit. Being semi-permanent, it didn’t just rub off, so I decided to just go with it. It doesn’t dry my lips out at all, and looks great with or without a gloss.


There are so many things that I aspire to do with my brows, but let’s be honest. I suck at doing my brows. Divaderme has helped boostmakeup my confidence with their brow products! The brow extender has fibers in it, like a fiber mascara, so I thought it wouldn’t work because I don’t have brows. I have microbladed brows only, without any brow hair. But, I thought I would give it a shot. I was loving how it turned out! It was so easy to apply, and didn’t run or smear. It didn’t make my brows look fake or weird. And the best part? It stayed put! No rubbing off throughout the day at all!


Divaderme offers two different types of mascara. Both are absolutely great and I don’t have a favorite out of the two. They both go on very well, with no clumping. The color stays put all day, and doesn’t migrate to my eyelids. I love the way that these masacras make my lashes look. I’m telling you, it looks like I have falsies on! I generally have allergy issues when it comes to makeup, and the mascara from Divaderme doesn’t affect my allergies at all. It’s really great!

makeupI’m really enjoying the Divaderme Cosmetics. They even sent a beautiful case to keep it all in! It has a mirror in the top,with plenty of room to store my beauty supplies.



Do you like cocktails? You will love them after trying them with Purity Vodka!

About Purity Vodka

Purity Vodka is the result of a long lasting quest to redefine ultra-premium vodka, bringing character to a spirit which by tradition is more one of image and style rather than substance. Daring to stand out from the crowded cluster of neutral, mainstream vodkas, Purity Vodka has not been made to please everyone. It is full-bodied, complex and loaded with character yet, smooth and sophisticated.

Combining heritage and innovation, Purity Vodka comes to life in a unique vodka still made of copper and gold at 13th Century Ellinge Castle in the south of Sweden. Purity Vodka is made exclusively from natural ingredients including the very finest organic winter wheat and malted barley and is certified organic in Europe and the US.

Purity Vodka has developed a unique still system specifically for vodka production. During the thirty-four distillations, ninety percent of the liquid is lost. The remaining spirit is so refined that no filtration is necessary, leaving all the natural flavors and character in the vodka.

My Thoughts

I am in awe of this vodka. Normally, I just get the cheap stuff at the local liquor store, so imagine my delight when I had the chance to try Purity. This is a high quality vodka, and the taste shows that. This can be used in many cocktails and mixed drinks, or it is perfect on it’s own. The bottle makes this the perfect gift due to it’s elegant design. This would make the perfect gift for anyone (over 21, of course!).

Purity Vodka has a page on their website dedicated to cocktail recipes! How cool is that?!? I know that I personally can’t wait to try every single one of the recipes. I have tried a few so far, and I am in love. The Cherry Blomma cocktail is one of my favorites. The ingredients and directions are simple. These cocktails can be ready in minutes, leaving you more time to enjoy!


Hard Candy has brought you the Pro Eyeshadow Palette. It has 15 shades of wonderful in it!

About the palette..

eyeshadowThe Hard Candy Pro Eyeshadow Palette Artiste Kit is its best palette yet! This palette contains 15 matte eyeshadow shades and 4 professional eyeshadow brushes–everything you need to create makeup artist quality looks for any occasion. These shades have been curated to include the perfect range of blending, crease, accent, and lid colors. Create any look you desire, from simple to dramatic or neutral to bold.

Hard Candy Pro Eyeshadow Palette Artiste Kit:

  • 15 matte eyeshadow shades and 4 professional eyeshadow brushes
  • Everything you need to create makeup artist quality looks for any occasion
  • Shades curated to include the perfect range of blending, crease, accent, and lid colors

My thoughts..

This palette has a good variety of colors in it. They aren’t super bright, which means they will work for pretty much any occasion. The eyeshadowcolors blend pretty easily, and with the colors in this palette, you can mix and match them without any issue. I like that they included two brushes, and I appreciate that they weren’t the foam tipped ones. The brushes are very nice and work well with this eyeshadow.

Hard Candy does not test on animals, which is a huge plus for me. I love that they are ethical like that! This shadow can be used dry, or for a bold effect, it can also be used wet. Now, what I’ve done, with the darker colors, is used them as an eyeliner. They work very well, and generally stay put!

There is some fall out with this shadow, but that is to be expected with any shadow. It usually just brushes away easily. This would be a great palette for a young girl just starting to experiment with makeup, or a seasoned professional. The price is right, at only $10.00, so you really can’t go wrong!


If your mom is like me, she will tell you she doesn’t want anything for Mother’s Day. Don’t listen to her. Show her you care with All in the Cards products!

About All in the Cards..

momAt all in the cards, we customize product lines specific to each retailer and their customers. Rather than one catalog designed to have broad appeal, we focus on differentiated offerings that fuse current trends with each retailer’s brand, creating assortments that are unique to each retailer. Our longstanding relationships with factories ensure that all in the cards will not only have the best quality at an excellent value, but also innovative new solutions to save you and your customers even more. For over 2 decades, all in the cards has been continually recognized for on-time shipping performance and excellent overall execution. Our direct relationships with factories guarantee an expedient and cost-effective process, and we are constantly refining product development to promote growth and expansion.

We bring a personal approach to everything we offer, cultivating solid partnerships and long-term relationships with our customers.

All in the Cards takes the time to understand every partner we work with and apply our design and product expertise to create differentiated, innovative items specific to consumer’s needs and wants, aligning brands with what’s on trend at a great price.

We have long term relationships with some of America’s largest retailers and with facilities overseas, ensuring consistent production and delivery year after year. Our design team is trend-focused and flexible, providing each partner with a customized set of products that speak directly to their audience.

What they offer..

momThey offer a full line of products, from greeting cards to fabrics. I personally received an all-in-one gift bag set. It had the gift bag, tissue paper and greeting card all in one pack. I also received a Mother’s Day greeting card, as well as a trinket box and notepad. These items were a perfect Mother’s Day set.


The trinket box is perfect to sit on your dressed to hold little odds and ends such as change, hair things, rings, etc. It is made of sturdy cardboard, and is very pretty! I think it pairs nicely with the butterfly notepad! The little notepad is the perfect size to keep in a pocket book, or omomn a bedside table. I don’t know about you, but I have the habit of remembering things once I get comfy in  bed. The gift bag was extremely nice! It think that the all-in-one concept was brilliant! The greeting card had a beautiful design on it. The inside was blank so that you could write your own message to your mom.

Now, my mom has passed away recently, so I don’t have a mom to give something to this Mother’s Day. Let me tell you, though, if she were still here with us, she would have loved these items!

These amazing products are available at Target and WalMart.



)Is your Mom #1? Show her how much you care, with Precious Moments.

About Precious Moments

It began more than three decades ago, when Precious Moments® creator, Sam Butcher, began drawing the endearing teardrop-eyed children he called “Precious Moments,” as gifts for family and friends. Today, his Precious Moments artwork is among the most recognized art in the world, sharing messages of loving, caring and sharing with collectors from around the globe.

#1 Mom

  • Leaving no doubt as to who is a blue ribbon mom, this sweet son holds up an award especially for the woman who always takescare first place in his heart
  • Let your mom know that her tireless efforts are not only noticed, but also thoroughly appreciated!
  • Give as a Mother’s Day gift or as a birthday gift or ‘just because’ gift for a mom you know and love
  • Meticulously sculpted of fine bisque porcelain and expertly hand painted
  • Approximately 4.75 inches high

Show your Mom that you care and give her this sweet figurine ($35.99) from Precious Moments. We all know that Mom is the person that helps us keep it together. This Precious Moments figurine is the perfect gift to let her know how much you care about, and appreciate, her.

This figurine is made with porcelain, and while it is fragile, it is made with great care. Precious Moments gifts are a timeless, classic, gift that all collectors love. Why not add to your loved one’s collection? This gift is the perfect Mother’s Day gift, but is not limited to just Mother’s Day. You can give this gift any time, for any reason, or no reason at all!

This figurine comes in either gender, and is only $35.99. Your loved one can join the Collector’s Club at the Precious Moments website, with just the click of the mouse! So, go ahead, and get your Mom the gift of Precious Moments 🙂



Your loved one deserves the best! Roseshire has the best! Give your loved one a beautiful bouquet of roses this Mother’s Day.


Their Story

lovedPrized for its medicinal, nutritional and aesthetic properties, the rose has been honored and cultivated for centuries. A powerful symbol of beauty and love, the rose has been mistreated in recent decades as it has been sacrificed to the whim of modern commerce. We at Roseshire have banded together to recognize and restore the cultural significance of the rose and pay it due respect. We are dedicated to making Roseshire the source of the world’s most extraordinary roses.

What They Offer

Roseshire has several size bouquets to choose from. You can get anywhere from 1 dozen roses all the way up to 10 dozen roses. Theyloved have a traditional collection, as well as a Disney collection.


1  dozen: $95
2  dozen: $165
3  dozen: $195
4  dozen: $215
10 dozen: $700


1  dozen: $109
2  dozen: $189

Beauty & The Beast Roses

lovedDisney and Roseshire are proud to present a Tale written for the ages! One of the most recognizable love stories ever, Beauty & The Beast represents true love no matter what shape, color, or size! The design collaboration reflects Belle’s appreciation for the rose and its meaning and relationship with The Beast. Share this magical rendition with that special someone in your life!

Stem sizes may vary from 17″-25″ in length. Roses are hand arranged and arrive in our trademark Roseshire Box.

I got the Beauty & The Beast roses to review, and I was in awe from the moment they arrived! They were packages very carefully, so theyloved arrived in pristine condition. The box was just as beautiful as the roses were. When I opened up the box, the beauty of the roses took my breath away! They were so gorgeous, and elegant, I was almost afraid to touch them. I could immediately smell that sweet, aromatic scent of fresh roses. There, inside, was a beautiful card!

lovedWhen I removed the roses from the box, I noticed that there were small caps on the bottoms, filled with water. Now, I’ve had flowers delivered before, roses in fact, and never have I seen a company go to this length to keep them fresh. The caps were on there firmly enough so that they stayed in place, but they were still pretty easy to remove.

I cut the ends of the stems, at an angle, to fit them to my vase. They looked so lovely once arranged, and really brightened the room! They lasted for 2 weeks before starting to wilt! 2 weeks!! They kept their beautiful looks, and their wonderful scent throughout the whole time. I am seriously very impressed with Roseshire, as I’ve had flowers before, but none that lasted near as long as these.



Show your Mom some love with Precious Moments this Mother’s Day!

About Precious Moments

It began more than three decades ago, when Precious Moments® creator, Sam Butcher, began drawing the endearing teardrop-eyed children he called “Precious Moments,” as gifts for family and friends. Today, his Precious Moments artwork is among the most recognized art in the world, sharing messages of loving, caring and sharing with collectors from around the globe.


Love Ties Us Together

  • Tying her sweet son’s shoe, this mom looks him in the eye and they both know their bond will last their lifetimes
  • Show Mom how thankful you are for all the little ways she shows how much she loves you
  • Give as a Mother’s Day gift or for any of Mom’s special occasions
  • Meticulously sculpted of fine bisque porcelain and expertly hand painted
  • Approximately 4.5H x 5.25W x 3D inches
  • Base can be personalized with a name, date, or special words up to 20 characters

The “Love Ties Us Together” ($55.99) figurine is exquisite. It is a timeless classic that any Mother would love to have, no matter the age of her children. Mothers and sons share a unique bond, in my opinion, and this figurine definitely shows that bond. As the mom of two boys, I can definitely tell you that I have a special bond with my boys.

This figurine is very well designed, and well made. It’s not a cheap figurine, and the quality shows that. This figurine would be a great addition to any Precious Moments collection. It has a beautiful depiction of a Mom helping her child tie his shoes. These are the small things that we, as mothers, do for our children. They may seem like a trivial thing to do, but really, they mean so much! Honor your Mom this Mother’s Day, and give her the gift of Precious Moments.


Good Cooking has some of the most wonderful kitchen products! They have everything you could need to make get together’s easier.

Good Cooking Collapsible Party Platter


Collapsible, BPA-free platter ($49.99) with five compartments- perfect for chips, dips, veggies, spreads, dips, and more

  • Includes five compartments- perfect for chips, dips, veggies, spreads, dips, etc.
  • Collapses so it is easy to store- fits easily in cabinets and drawers
  • Stainless steel rim makes this serving tray sturdy and easy to handle
  • Maintains shape while in use
  • Made of food grade silicone and stainless steel- 100% BPA and Phthalate free
  • 14 x 14 x 1.5 in

For me, this party platter is the best thing since sliced bread! We host cookouts several times a  year, and I usually put vegetables onto a baking sheet to set out. The problem with that is, there is no place to put dip, and the bugs get into the veggies. With this platter, there is a place right in the middle for dip, and there is a lid to keep bugs out. The lid is very nice, and I love that it’s see-through, so that I don’t have to take the lid off for people to see what’s inside. The silicone is very easy to clean, and I adore how it collapses to store easily. This makes it nice because it doesn’t take up a ton of room!

Good Cooking Collapsible Handheld Strainer

This strainer ($29.99) maintains shape while in use with 6″ diameter and long handle, then collapses to fit in cabinets and drawerscooking

  • Collapses so it is easy to store- fits in cabinets and drawers
  • Maintains shape while in use
  • Long handle keeps hands away from steam
  • Stainless steel base and rim make this colander sturdy and durable
  • 6″ diameter

This handheld strainer is actually fun to use! Yes, I said fun. I suppose if you don’t enjoy cooking, it wouldn’t be fun. It’s definitely more convenient and easier to use than those other handheld strainers. The previous ones that I had were more of a flat strainer that was pressed against the side of the pan. Water then drained through the holes. The problem with that, was that it would slip, and all of the pasta (or whatever you were draining) went into the sink. It was very wasteful. This spiffy strainer isn’t like that at all! The long handle makes it easy to hold onto without getting burnt. It holds a decent amount of food, as well. I’ve used it for many things, but mostly pasta. What can I say, we are pasta eaters! It is easy to clean up as well, using just soap and water. Because it flattens out when not in use, it will fit nicely into your utensil drawer. This is a huge plus for me! I’m really enjoying this strainer, and it has definitely made cooking easier!


Every little girl wants to be pampered. I know I did when I was little! Pamper her with the Yum!Spa line, and you won’t be sorry!


2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner

pamperGreat selfies start with great hair! Lather up daily with Yum! Spa 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner for hair that is clean, nourished and silky smooth. Nourishing aloe and jojoba will keep your tresses moisturized and feeling soft and smooth.

Pamper your girl with this 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, for a great spa experience that will leave her hair clean and soft! It has a wonderful, frutti scent that she is sure to love. It’s gentle on the eyes, and the jojoba is great for hair.

Sparkle Lotion

Glimmer, shimmer & glow like the fabulous star you are! Your skin will feel soft and smooth, while a hint of sparkle finishes off ypamperour already epic look. Infused with jojoba, aloe and a touch of shimmer to keep your skin looking and feeling hydrated and healthy.

Using lotion as part of her daily routine will keep your girl’s skin feeling soft, and keep it from becoming dry. Nobody likes dry skin, especially kiddos! It’s itchy and unpleasant. Sparkle Lotion is the best because it has sparkles in it! It’s sure to make her feel like a star! The easy flip top lid makes it a cinch to use, for any age.


Shimmer & Shine Body Mist

pamperGlisten up girl, it’s your time to shine! Before heading out, spritz on a little Shimmer & Shine Body Mist to look and feel like the star you are.

This shimmer & shine body mist is the perfect way to teach your young lady to use fragrance! What girl wouldn’t want to use this mist, and smell great all day? It has shimmer in it, which is sure to make her feel great and boost her mood! She will be the envy of all her friends with all that Yum!Spa has to offer!


These awesome products can be found at Walmart stores. You can check out the  Yum!Spa website to find them in a store near you. So, the next time you are at Walmart, don’t forget to look for the Yum!Spa collection! Pink, sparkly and full of attitude, the Yum! Spa collection is a CAN’T MISS for wanna-be fashionistas everywhere!


Pamper your mom this Mother’s Day! Give her aromatherapy bath melts, essential oils, and bath bars. Keep reading to find out more about these fabulous products!


Mr. Bubble Cocoa Butter Bath Bar

aromatherapyIntroducing guilt-free pampering at its finest! Indulge in a relaxing, moisturizing soak with our Cocoa Butter Bath Bar  ($6.00) in the uplifting, citrus scent of Sparkling Sorbet. Rich Cocoa and Shea Butter hydrate and condition skin, while Vitamins E and C nourish and protect. So sit back and unwind as the luxury bath treat melts around you, leaving your mind relaxed and your skin irresistibly soft.

Directions for use..

Break off approximately 4 pieces from the Cocoa Butter Bar and place in the tub under warm, running water. Add additional squares if you have a larger bathtub. Sit back and relax as the skin-softening Cocoa and Shea Butter slowly dissolve into the water. To help dissolve more quickly, rub the bath melt between your fingers under the water. The product may add subtle color to your bath water.

My thoughts..

I, of course, couldn’t wait to try these bath melts. I am a huge Mr. Bubble fan, so I had to see how they worked. As with all Mr. Bubble and Luxe products, I was not disappointed. I love that you break it off like a candy bar; it really makes it seem more indulgent. The butter melts melted just like, well, butter! They are so smooth, and the scent is wonderful. I think the sorbet scented melt has a summer vibe to it, and it really relaxes and refreshes. You can feel it in the bath water. It makes the water feel somewhat like velvet, if that makes sense. You can see a slight color to your water, but nothing that would cause alarm or issue. Overall, I am in love with these! I will definitely be visiting Ulta to get more.

Village Naturals Bath Melts and Essential Oil Blends

New Double Butter Bath Melts: Purify, a new collection featuring Tea Tree and Sweet Orange to detoxify and protect.aromatherapy

  • The Purify Double Butter Bath Melts provide spa indulgence at its finest. Unlike traditional bath bombs, they slowly dissolve around you while nourishing Shea and Cocoa Butter moisturize your skin leaving it soft and smooth.

My thoughts..

I love a good bath bomb. I enjoy watching it dissolve and smelling the aromatherapy blends in it. The Purify bath bomb has a great scent. Now, I don’t care for tea tree at all. Seriously, I will avoid using it if at all possible. But, mixed with the sweet orange, it was rather pleasant. It wasn’t overpowering like it usually is, but rather mild and relaxing. I tend to not use the entire bomb at once, as I like to make them last. So, I generally break it into 3-4 pieces. For me, that still gave me plenty of aromatherapy pleasure. These bombs really relaxed me, while making my skin softer. They are a very nice bath bomb and would make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift.


  • Calm Essential Oil Blends are comprised of 100 percent pure essential oils to indulge your senses and enhance your mood. Add to your bath, a room diffuser or unscented lotion to help balance the mind, body and spirit.

All products range in cost from $4.97 to $6.97 and can be found at select Walmart stores nationally and online at

This is a wonderful oil! I use it in my roller bottle blends for relaxation, sleep, etc. It works very well, and has a great scent. The lavender and chamomile go so well together, and it blends nicely with other oils as well. This oil seems to have just the right mixture of both the lavender and chamomile, so that neither scent is overwhelming. For the price, you get a generous amount, and it will last you quite a while.

Mother’s Day

All of the products mentioned in this post would be great for Mother’s Day. Imagine your Mom or significant other’s face when they see a gift basket full of bath melts, bath bombs and essential oils. With prices under $10 for each item, you really can’t go wrong!