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About Homedics

Welcome to HoMedics where our brand is about creating a healthy home environment that helps you relax your body, de-stress, and simplify your life. Originally founded in 1987 by entrepreneurs Ron Ferber and Alon Kaufman, HoMedics is widely recognized for its home massage products, and continues to be a leading innovator in massage technology today. But massage is not all we do! HoMedics has a full line of in-home wellness products that are uniquely designed to promote your well being; including: Air Filters, humidifiers, sleep aids, fitness monitors, and more.

About The Products

Mobile Comfort™ Memory Foam Neck Pillow & Vibration Massage

HoMedics Mobile Comfort™ Memory Foam Neck Pillow & Vibration Massager makes traveling more comfortable. A soft memory foam design provides support and comfort while the invigorating vibration massage setting relaxes tense neck muscles. Two speeds of low or high allow for a customizable experience. A removable, washable cover allows you to enjoy a fresh, clean pillow each time you travel. To power simply slip in 4 AA batteries. As a bonus, a pair of ear plugs are included for added travel comfort.


My Thoughts

This neck pillow is amazing! It has 2 different massage settings, so you can choose which setting. It fits perfectly, and isn’t too big. I like that it has a fasten in the front to keep it in place. It’s very comfortable, and really helps relieve tension in my neck. When we are going to be out driving for the day, I will take it with me, and it helps to keep me relaxed, and keep away headaches.

Comfort Pro Elite Massaging Vibration Wrap with Heat

The HoMedics® Comfort Pro Elite Massaging Vibration Wrap with Heat delivers a vibration massage to loosen tight muscles. The integrated control puts you in control of your massage experience. The soothing heat provides comfort for tired muscles, while the soft, plush fabric envelopes you for luxurious comfort.

My Thoughts

This wrap has been amazing! I have Fibromyalgia, and I have pain a lot. This wrap has helped me deal with it, because it offers heat as well as massage. The heat is extremely important, as my Fibromyalgia is worsened by cold. I love how it just drapes on your shoulders, and the controls are easily within reach. It’s very comfortable, and soft. The heat isn’t overly hot, so I can comfortably put it on any setting I choose. I will literally just sit/lay with this for hours. It helps ease my discomfort so much, that it has been a blessing.


Air Compression + Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat

The HoMedics® Air Compression + Shiatsu Foot Massager delivers a deep kneading shiatsu massage that relaxes overworked soles and arches. With its variable air compression massage, the foot massager gently pushes down on your foot to deliver a deeper, more intense massage and comfort to tired feet. The Air Compression + Shiatsu Foot Massagers toe-touch control system and convenient cord storage makes using this foot massager easy and convenient for any location. Further enjoy your soothing foot massage with its added heat feature.

My Thoughts

A few years ago my husband had an accident involving his foot. He is completely healed, but still has pain with it sometimes. The colder weather seems to be bothering it more. He works in a freezer all day, so that doesn’t help. By the time he gets home, his foot is usually hurting. This amazing foot massager has been great for this! He can sit and relax on the couch while the massager works on his feet. It is so easy to use, you just slip your feet in and turn it on. You can control the intensity level, which is perfect. It is easy to store, and we just slide ours under our bed.


Any of these products would make great gifts for those on your Christmas shopping list! You can find them online or at a retailer near you!


If you, or someone you know, is a music lover, then you definitely need the Stylophone GEN X-1!

About The Stylophone GEN X-1

The Stylophone GEN X-1 is the latest portable analogue synthesizer by Dubreq.

From quirky beats to haunting melodies, you can twist and warp every note in the palm of your hand. Packed with features, you’ll be amazed at what the Gen X-1 can do.

  • A stylus keyboard and separate sound strip
  • LFO square and triangle wave
  • Low pass filter cutoff/resonance
  • Sub octaves -1 & -2
  • Envelope attack/decay
  • Delay time/feedback
  • X button pulse width modulation
  • Mini-jack in/out
  • Built-in speaker
  • Battery operated


My Thoughts

I decided that since my youngest son loves music, that this would be great for him. He is autistic, and music is calming. The first thing that I saw that I loved was the fact that the stylus pen is attached. My child loses everything. Oh wait…he always says “It’s not lost, I just don’t know where it is.”  Now he can’t lose the stylus.

It is pretty easy to just plug and play. This makes him happy, because complicated stuff angers him. It does have a built in speaker, which is pretty loud. I would definitely suggest having them use this in the garage…..preferably a garage about 3 streets over..haha. Seriously, it can get loud, and as with any musical instrument/accessory, it can get annoying. Especially if your kid plays with it a lot.

Overall, though, this is an absolutely great product. It is very well made, and works perfectly! It is battery operated, so it doesn’t need plugged in at all, which makes it easy to transport. It is relatively compact, so it isn’t cumbersome when transporting or storing. This is very nice, because that means we don’t have a giant piece of equipment hogging up room.

This would make a great gift for that music lover on your Christmas shopping list!


About Hartz

We understand how important your pet is to you & your family. That’s why we’ve dedicated more than 90 years to providing products that keep pets happy, healthy and thriving. At Hartz, we strengthen the bond between all pets and their families by providing innovative, trustworthy and affordable products; along with the knowledge and support to care for pets. To become the leading pet care company by playing a major role to create a world where every pet leads a healthy, happy and long life in a loving home.


  1. our people make the difference.

  2. we are passionate about what we do – especially about caring for pets.

  3. in straight talk especially when it is hard.

  4. in building relationships based on mutual trust and respect, while embracing diversity.

  5. we are demanding of ourselves and one another.

  6. we always strive for growth to win in the marketplace.

  7. we want to win but not at the expense of our employees, customers, suppliers, communities, stakeholders, or planet.

  8. we are committed to honest communication about our products and their benefits.

My Thoughts

My kitties and my doggie brother really love the toys! I have 6 kitties, so they really get a workout with these toys. The toys have proven to be able to withstand the hard playing, and not fall apart. They get dragged through the house multiple times per day, and tossed around, chewed on, and yet they are still holding up.

The dog bone states that it is bacon flavored, which I fully believe because it smells like bacon. It is strong, and also holding up well to being chewed on. The Frisbee toy is super cute, and even squeaks! It’s great for playing outside, and can be so much fun!

The toys are all budget friendly, so why not go out and fill up a Christmas stocking for your pets!



Looking for a great personalized gift? Gotcha Covered Notebooks is just what you need!

About Gotcha Covered Notebooks

Here at Gotcha Covered Notebooks we believe that the celebration of family, friends, and children is of utmost importance. Though we specialize in notebooks, children are our real passion! We want every child to feel special, and what better way to do that than by giving them a gift created especially for them! Our goal is to give you more choices than our competitors to provide a perfect, affordable gift for the person receiving it.

We stand behind every product we sell, unconditionally! We assure your order will be free from damage and correctly personalized. If your order is incorrect, we will make it right!  We promise to take whatever steps necessary to ensure you are completely happy with your purchase, including: replacing, crediting or refunding your order after you receive your shipment if you are not 100% happy with your purchase.

Rest assured when you purchase a notebook from Gotcha Covered that your child’s safety is important to us. Our notebooks conform with industry standards and are safety tested in accordance with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. This is just another way that we show our commitment to children.

My Thoughts

I was impressed from the moment I opened the package! These notebooks are great quality, and made to withstand use. The covers are nice and thick, and laminated. They won’t rip, or wear out quickly. The pages are nice and thick, and double sided. With the larger notebook, which has my name on it, there are boxes on each line to check off things. This is great, because I am a list maker. This notebook has been designated for lists only, including to-do and grocery.

The shorter notebook is super cute, and my son Austin loves it! He likes to write random things down, and he was barely able to wait for me to get pictures. They even sent a cute drawstring pack, that will definitely be used! The prices are budget friendly, at $12.99 each, which is a great price for something that is customized. These aren’t notebooks that you find on the shelf at the local dollar store. These are high quality, customized notebooks.

These are definitely something that would be liked by anyone on your Christmas shopping list!



Lugz is a great shoe company, that offers good quality shoes..

About Lugz

Always an innovator and leader in footwear, Lugz first made a name for itself in October of 1993, bringing its first line of boots to market, with the initial product consisting of two styles of boots, a quilted vest and a pair of jeans.

Soon Lugz was endorsed by key players from the world of hip hop and has continued to do so through out the years. One such collaboration led Lugz to breathe life to a whole new category of footwear with the introduction of the first ever celebrity-endorsed “Funk Master Flex” urban driving shoe. This was only the beginning as support then lead to a collaborative line with hip-hop superstar Bryan “Baby” Williams, aka “Birdman” with his own series of sneakers and boots.

From its inception, Lugz footwear has been an innovator in the footwear market from its signature styles, to creating trendsetting styles beyond boots and has added casual shoes and athletics to the mix for the Lugz men, Lugz women and Lugz kids lines.

Drifter Mid Boot

The Men’s Drifter Mid ST is a stylish classic work boot designed to keep your feet feeling great all day. This boot features a water resistant upper, steel toe for maximum protection, classic Lugz hardware on speed hooks and logo, a flexastride molded memory foam insole for maximum comfort and durable rubber outsole.


  • Thermabuck water resistent upper
  • Steel toe for maximum protection
  • Flexastride molded memory foam insole
  • Classic Lugz hardware on logo and speed hooks
  • Durable rubber outsole

My Thoughts

We are always in need of a good shoe that will hold up. My son is very rough on shoes and boots, not to mention the selection is usually very slim due to his size 15 pontoons. Lugz had the perfect boot for him, and he is in love! We ordered the size 15, and as with any online purchase, they may or may not fit correctly. It’s a chance you take. I’m happy to say that these fit perfect! He absolutely loves them and he really loves the insole. It’s a nice memory foam one, and this is great because he usually has us buy the insoles to put into his shoes. He says that these are super comfortable, and he doesn’t need us to buy any insoles.

They are very well made and easy for him to get on and off. They have a steel toe, which is perfect for when he is helping with yard work and such. Due to an accident that my husband had a couple of years ago, my son is terrified to be outside helping with mowing. With these boots, I do believe his fears will be eased. They are very sturdy, and he has been wearing them for a couple of weeks now, without any issue. like I said previously, he is very hard on shoes and boots, and has killed new shoes within a few weeks before. That isn’t the case with these. They are built to withstand whatever he throws at them.

Lugz has offered a giveaway of a pair of these awesome boots! Just follow the widget below to enter! The giveaway will be open until 12/13/17.


Tasty Peach Studios sent me the cutest Meowchi!!!

About Tasty Peach Studios

Tasty Peach Studios, located in Mishawaka IN, is a sweet, unique boutique that sells cute merchandise inspired by Japan! We started out selling small hand made clay charms and commissioned artwork through our little Etsy shop in 2007. Since then we have grown exponentially! We now attend upwards of 30+ anime conventions a year & ship high quality acrylic items, professionally made products and more world wide every day!
Although we are only two people fast, we work day in and out to bring everyone the best we have to offer! What you can expect from us is quality and durability. As a leading distributor of cute products, we take pride in what we have to offer, and hope that you feel the same love we do for these cute items.

My Thoughts

I am a cat lover, through and through, so getting to work with Tasty Peach Studios was awesome! They sent me the cutest Blueberry Meowchi plush! It is soft and cuddly, and super cute. The only thing that could make it better would be if it actually smelled like blueberries…haha. Seriously, though, it is adorable, and budget friendly at right around $20.

They also sent me the cutest lanyard, cell phone charm and key chain. The lanyard is currently attached to my key ring, and goes with me everywhere! I don’t have a place for a cell phone charm on my current phone, so the charm is also on my key ring. The key chain is, you guessed it, on my key ring..haha. My keys are very busy looking, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! The lanyard is a great length, allowing me to put it around my neck when I need my hands free. Everything is made with good quality materials and craftsmanship.

Tasty Peach Studios has a plethora of items that would be great for anyone on your Christmas shopping list!


Leuchtturm1917 is the go-to for buying anything journal related, and they have awesome planners, too!

About Leuchtturm1917

Founded in 1917, Leuchtturm can look back on over 90 years of experience in the production of high-quality stationery. The company was re-established in Hamburg from 1948. From the 1960s, Leuchtturm’s international expansion continued apace, culminating in the company becoming the world’s leading supplier of postage stamp and coin albums. Axel and Max Stürken took over management at the end of the 1990s as the fourth generation to head the traditional Hanseatic family-run company.

Experience and consistency are important requirements for quality. quality gives ideas a solid foundation on which they can develop. We are convinced that small details can make a big difference.

Some items, such as the springback binder, are still made in the same way as they were back in the days when the company was first set up. Since then, many items have been added to our range. All LEUCHTTURM1917 items unite the belief that success stems from quality and well thought-out detailed solutions. Today, LEUCHTTURM1917 stands for premium quality in more than 50 countries.

My Thoughts

I have been wanting a journal from Leuchtturm1917 for so long! I was over the moon that I was able toreview this. Their bullet journals are amazing, and come pre-printed with the dots on the page. This year, I had tried a journal that was just a regular lined one, but it just wasn’t the same. I ended up putting it down after a few weeks and never picking it up again. I have motivation again with the Leuchtturm1917 journal! There are so many things you can do with it, and you can design it exactly how you want. There are no limits with it. None. There is an envelope in the back of the journal, to keep important stuff in. Or it can hold things that are not important. You choose. It’s your journal, after all, and you can do what you want with it!

The planner is amazing, and I can’t wait to get started on it! I need a planner. If I don’t write things down, like appointments, I forget. The current planner that I have is a huge one that cannot be carried around with me. The new one I got from Leuchtturm1917 is just the right size for transporting, yet big enough that you can write in it comfortably.  The pages are pre-printed for you, and set out in a weekly format. This planner also comes with an address book. Why is this a good thing? Well, I’ve asked my brother and sister-in-law for their address no less than 103 times, and I fear they will strangle me if I ask again…haha. There is plenty of room in the address book for what you need. In the back of the planner you have an envelope, like you do in the journal. This is great for putting appointment cards, receipts, etc.

Overall, these products are amazing! The covers and pages are good quality, and they are pretty budget friendly. If you have someone on your Christmas shopping list who is a planner or likes to journal, this is definitely the gift for them!



Ripley’s Believe It or Not is a staple in this house! They have their newest book available now!

About Shatter Your Senses

Shatter Your Senses! is the 2018 edition of the bestselling annual series by Ripley’s Believe It or Not! There’s no way to prepare yourself for this all-true, all-new collection filled with incredible facts, unbelievable stories, and mind-blowing photography. A sensory overload, Shatter Your Senses! is sure to amaze and astound children and adults alike.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Shatter Your Senses! is filled with thousands of strange stories, bizarre feats, and hair-raising oddities from around the world. Discover the sport of underwater ice hockey or marvel at the flower that bloomed in space—it’s all weird and all true! Bursting with vibrant and eye-catching photos, as well as submissions from our dedicated readers, this book is a must-have for every Ripley’s fan.

My Thoughts

This book is a staple in our house. My kids beg for it every year, and will sit for hours reading it. It is packed full of fascinating facts, and has awesome pictures to go with them. My boys are constantly telling us about different facts they have found in the book.

This is a good quality book, too. It has a nice hard cover on it, instead of a flimsy soft cover. It’s nice and heavy, as it’s full of stories and facts, and printed on quality paper. This is definitely not some cheap book. It’s a book that is designed to last a lifetime! It has an intriguing cover on it, and really draws a person to it. I love the bright blue!

This is definitely a great gift for anyone on your Christmas shopping list, and can be found in most book stores and retailers. It is priced just right, at around $20, so it will fit most any budget!



Who doesn’t love Mariah Carey, or Christmas? It’s the best of both with her DVD All I Want For Christmas Is You!

About the DVD

When little Mariah (Breanna Yde) sees a darling little puppy named “Princess” at the pet store, she suddenly knows exactly what she wants for Christmas. Before her Christmas wish can come true, she must prove that she can dog-sit her uncle’s dog, Jack, a scraggly rascal; in fact, the worst dog in the county! Jack turns Mariah and her family’s perfect holiday preparations upside down in hilarious ways. It wasn’t exactly the Christmas she wished for…it was more than she ever wanted. Based on the iconic Christmas song and popular illustrated book of the same name,Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas Is You featuring Mariah’s music and narration will be a family favorite for years to come.

Holiday Helper Kit Download

Download Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas Is You Holiday Helper Kit

My Thoughts

This is a great family movie for the holidays. It has a great story line, and kept our attention throughout the whole movie. It shows a great example of how to work for what you want. Little Mariah had to prove herself, so that she could get what she wanted for Christmas. It is very well written, and easy to follow along. Even though my kiddos are teens, it was still interesting to them, and I have a feeling we will be watching this several more times!

They have graciously offered a giveaway! YAY!! So, using the widget below, enter to win your own copy of All I Want For Christmas Is You!


Who doesn’t love to dance? Just Dance 2018 is here and it’s awesome!

About Just Dance 2018

Whether you’re a party starter, a dancer in the making, or a seasoned pro, get ready to turn up the volume and unleash your inner dancer with Just Dance 2018!

Dance to 40 of the hottest tracks, including “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee, “Shape Of You” by Ed Sheeran, “Swish Swish” by Katy Perry Ft. Nicki Minaj, “24K Magic” by Bruno Mars, “Naughty Girl” by Beyoncé, and many more!

Great for family gatherings, parties, and holidays, Just Dance 2018 brings family and friends together like no other game.

Just Dance Unlimited is an additional subscription service available through Just Dance 2016, Just Dance 2017, and Just Dance 2018, giving you access to 300+ songs from previous Just Dance games and other exclusive songs that you can only play through Just Dance Unlimited.

My Thoughts

Just Dance 2018 is awesome! There are so many songs to choose from! You can see the full list here. This is definitely a great way to get some quality family time. My youngest son absolutely loves to dance, and he will literally play this for hours. He really loves trying to master each dance and it fuels his need for stimulation. Austin is autistic, and music is life for him. This game is the bomb when it comes to satisfying his need for music and dance. Definitely 2 thumbs up on this!

This is also great for getting fit. Right now, we only have 1 vehicle, so I can’t make it to the gym every day. With Just Dance 2018, I can get a workout without it feeling like I’m exercising. It feels more like fun, and I like that! Exercise is boring, but Just Dance 2018 is anything but!

Just Dance 2018 is available now, and would be a great Christmas gift for the dance/music enthusiast on your shopping list!