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** This post is sponsored, meaning that I have either received product or payment in exchange for writing it.

About Puffy Mattress

Deep Sleep Patent Pending Technology Top Layer –
3″ layer of Deep Sleep Patent Pending Technology memory foam adds super breathable comfort with pressure relieving support. Thismattress layer of foam will conform and support you with its adaptive weight distribution. Its superb heat dispersion will ensure you rest through the night without getting hot.

Base Layer –
7″ Base Core Density Support foam adds durability, support, and strength to the comfort layers for a longer lasting mattress.

101 Night Trial

Puffy provides all of its customers a complimentary 101 Night Sleep Trial, and that’s because we are highly confident that our sleep system will be the best foam mattress you have ever tried.  So if you’ve been considering our mattress, order worry-free!  Better yet, if for some reason you don’t believe the Puffy Mattress has provided you with the best sleep of your life, we will help you donate that mattress to a local charity and provide you a full refund!

mattressIt’s a win win all around!  Either you will discover a new level of deep sleep with our Puffy Mattress, or, if you decide it’s just not for you, you get to sleep easy knowing that your mattress wont go to waste!  It will be donated to a local or national charity to provide those in need with a comfortable bed that they can lay their head on!

You may be wondering to yourself why our company would just give away our mattress when its barely been used?  We here at Puffy Mattress believe that everyone deserves a restful sleep.  Everyone deserves a chance to wake up energized and ready to take on the day.  We want to ensure that your foam mattress wont end up in a dump, but will help to give those in need a better sleep to help better themselves!

What I Think

mattressBased on the reviews for Puffy, I would be more than willing to try it out. I have been using a memory foam mattress for over a year, and I love it. Having said that, though, my mattress is losing it’s firmness. With Puffy, you will be getting a great quality mattress, unlike any of the cheap ones. The price is very comparable to a new regular mattress. If you want a good night’s sleep, then Puffy is definitely the way to go. I love the memory foam mattresses because I toss and turn at night. With the memory foam, I don’t wake my husband.

Puffy is an amazingly giving company, as you can see above. When someone does a 101 night trial for their mattress, and chooses not to keep it, they donate it! How cool is that?!?! This way it goes to someone in need, rather than the landfill. So, there you have it. I would definitely recommend that you give Puffy a chance. With their 101 night trial, you really have nothing to lose!



Pom Pom Wow is fun for everyone! You can make the cutest little pom pom’s! Keep reading to find out more.

About Maya Toys

pom pomWith over 20 years experience, Maya Toys continues to create innovative, high-quality toys. Our brands are specifically designed with passion, integrity and “WOW!” in mind.

Maya is driven by a single purpose: bring to market toys that delight and dazzle boys and girls throughout the world. Best known for our award-winning Orbeez brand, we’re dedicated to applying unexpected technologies and on-trend themes to time-proven play patterns.

Leveraging decades of experience, we maintain the highest standards for safety and quality to ensure the play experience surpasses the expectations of both kids and their parents. And by learning directly from kids how they like to play, our products remain fresh, relevant and creatively stimulating long after the package is opened.

Privately owned and based in Cypress, California, Maya delivers a WOW-inducing boost to toy categories including Arts & Crafts, Beauty & Fashion Play, Creative Play, Outdoor Play, and Novelty & Gag Toys.

Pom Pom Wow

Pom Pom your world! Create custom pom-poms with the Decoration Station. Choose from the six different techniques to decorate yourpom pom very own pom poms. The set folds up for easy mess-free transportation. The Decoration Station comes with 1 portable play set, 75 pom poms in 4 colors, 85 adhesive dots, 8 removable pom pom trays, 1 removable water tray, 1 adhesive roll dispenser, 2 markers, 1 blotting cloth, 1 paintbrush, 1 pipette, 4 stamper pads, 4 watercolors, and 1 glitter gel pen.

My Thoughts

I wasn’t sure what to expect when this came. I had never seen it before, and wasn’t entirely sure what to do with it. Thankfully, it had great instructions, and I was able to set it up and play around with it fairly quickly. I feel confident in saying that a child would be able to follow the directions and have a lot of fun with Pom Pom Wow.

pom pomOne thing that really stood out to me was how many little pom pom pieces you get. It seemed like there were a thousand of them..haha. Seriously, though, they send a good amount, so you won’t be lacking that’s for sure. It was very easy to make little pom poms, and there was also the tools to decorate them. This would be a fantastic gift for any occasion. Lots of fun will be had with this kit. I may be 39 years old, but I’m still a kid at heart 😉



Airwick automatic sprays and trigger sprays come in the most amazing scents! Keep reading to find out more!

About AirWick

scentsEveryone has a unique scent story – including Air Wick®. Ours began in 1943, when we started offering our home fragrance products in the United States. As word spread and demand grew for our premium scents, we expanded in 1953 to reach homes in Europe, Canada, and Australia.

Today, Air Wick® products are available in more than 60 countries. We offer a wide range of home fragrance solutions, including Scented Oils, Freshmatic® room sprays, scented candles, room sprays, Stick Ups™ and other portable air fresheners, and Aroma Sphere liquid diffusers. Our home scents are just as diverse, ranging from floral, fruity, and gourmet fragrances to fresh linen, lavender, citrus, and more.

With Air Wick® home fragrance products, you can be sure that your home is always fresh, inviting, and a reflection of your personality. Whether you want a scent that takes you away or brings you home, you’re sure to find the perfect fragrance pairing at Air Wick®. Browse our products and collections, and discover why it’s never been easier to release the welcoming scent of home with Air Wick®.

My Thoughts

I received the Air Wick® Freshmatic®, that comes with a refill, as well as an additional refill. This device was the perfect solution to the stinky teenage boy bedroom issue we were having. My son is a typical teen. He’s We tried putting an essential oil diffuser in his room, but he broke it in less than an hour. So, we resorted to the jelly type air fresheners. The only problem with those was that they dried out too quickly. The Freshmatic was a blessing! I have it set on the medium setting, and it sprays consistently throughout the day and night. I have it sitting on a high shelf, and it’s left alone to do its job. When I went into his room this morning, for once it actually smelled pleasant in there! I love that we can basically set it and forget about it. The refills aren’t horribly expensive, and are well worth the money. The refills I’m currently using are the Airwick Pure refills.

I also received a couple of the Airwick Pure room sprays.  These are 9 times more fragrant that a regular spray, and use less water. Usingscents less water means you are getting more potent scent, which will last longer. The scent from the sprays will last up to an hour. I’m here to tell you, that they do just that! They work very well at taking care of smells that are unpleasant. My son keeps a spray in his room beside the kitty litter box. My favorite scent is the Tropical Flowers. It has that amazing scent that just makes me happy 🙂

amazing-coffee-coffee-org has all of your coffee needs. They have everything, including great coffee flavors and supplies.

About is owned and operated by the McClure Family. With our talented team, we have evolved into the leading online wholesale distributor of products ranging from coffee, teas, supplies, gourmet cakes, and chocolates. We also provide lovingly prepared gift baskets which are perfect for birthday gifts or other special events, and we ship them carefully right to your front door.

Here at, we are contracted with only the finest chefs and growers, so we stock and deliver world-flavorsclass products, each and every time. We also offer Miss Ellie’s signature brand, a line of specialty products which include coffee grown in South America and Central America, as well as Miss Ellie’s Coffee Cake, an unbelievably moist cinnamon coffee cake.

My Thoughts

My son and I absolutely adore coffee, so I was super excited to get to try out some coffee from The selection they sent was amazing! There were packets for whole pots of coffee, individual cups of coffee (K flavorsCup style) as well as some whole bean coffee. The packets of coffee sent for whole pots was a wonderful selection. There were many styles and flavors from decaf to Colombian to Pecan Praline! There really were a lot of flavors and styles to choose from. The amount of coffee given in a packet was perfect for brewing a full pot of coffee, and it did well with both the classic brew setting and the rich brew setting.

The K Cup style coffee also had a big selection of flavors to choose from. The flavors were amazing, and flavorsbrewed very well. There was never an issue with the coffee being too weak, or too strong. They were very good quality. The whole bean coffee was the best, in my opinion. But, that is because I prefer whole bean coffees 🙂 I love the smell of freshly ground coffee, and the taste is simply amazing.

Overall, has really proven themselves to have amazing coffee, and I can’t wait to try other products from them!


Are you looking for a snack that is delicious, and the whole family can enjoy? Look no further than Cosmos Creations! They have a flavor for everyone!

About Cosmos Creations

snackWhen it comes to snack foods, just about anyone can pump out unhealthy products at a rapid clip. At Cosmos Creations, we’re slowing things down. We’ve made the commitment and investment to use only all natural ingredients to create a snack food with a premium, indulgent, artisan taste.

If you’re ready for a unique experience, then let Cosmos Creations take you there. Every bag begins with pure, natural corn, baked in the oven for a taste that’s out-of-this-world. Every bite is an explosion of flavor and a mouthful of happiness.

It’s easy to brag about what’s inside every bag, but what’s excluded—gluten, trans-fats, hulls, kernels, preservatives and additives—is even more important. Just all-natural ingredients you can pronounce, and a taste that’s almost heavenly.

My Thoughts

When I first got the Cosmos Creations, I hurried up and opened the caramel apple one. I had to see and smell for myself that it actually snacktasted/smelled like it was supposed to. It did not disappoint! The puffs are light and airy, and the flavor is amazing. It seriously did not taste like I was eating puffed corn. I tasted like I was eating a caramel apple. The serving sizes are generous, about 2 1/2 cups! There aren’t many products out there that give you that kind of portion size. The caloric intake on that portion size is only 160 calories. Say what?!?!?! I have teenage boys that eat me out of house and home, and with this snack, I don’t have to worry about them having a good portion size. It’s the perfect snack for a growing boy!

There are several flavors to choose from as well:

  • Sriracha
  • Cheddar and Pepper
  • Sea Salt and Butter
  • Coconut
  • Caramel Apple
  • Salted Caramel

I’ve had the pleasure of trying out cheddar and pepper, caramel apple and salted caramel. They were all very delicious, and I’m excited to have found a great tasting snack, that doesn’t have a lot of fat and calories.

**This post has been sponsored, either with monetary payment, free product, or both.

About ASD Reading

ASD Reading is a groundbreaking reading program for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Adapted from Dr. Marion Blank’s award-winning and patented “6-SIM” Six Skill Integrated Method for teaching reading & writing with comprehension, ASD Reading holds the key to opening up the world of literacy to children with ASD – even when they are non-verbal (i.e., non-speaking).

ASD is a neurodevelopment disorder that leads to impaired language, communication and social skills. Estimates are that approximately 80 million people are affected by autism around the globe. Shockingly, over the past decade increases of between 50% to 2000% in diagnoses of ASD have been reported world-wide. Tragically, the majority of children diagnosed with ASD never gain the ability to read with any degree of fluency or utility.

readingCurrent reading education relies on methods that do not work for children on the spectrum with the result that the majority never gain the ability to read with fluency or understanding. However, Dr. Blank, the inventor of ASD Reading, has designed revolutionary reading instructions methods that can be used to teach any child with ASD to read and write – even those who are non-verbal (i.e., non-speaking).

Dr. Marion Blank is a world-renowned literacy and language expert on the faculty of Columbia University where she developed and served as Co-Director of the Columbia University Developmental Neuropsychiatry Program for Autism and Related Disorders – one of the only programs in the world which successfully teaches children with ASD to read. Dr. Blank is a recipient of the Upton Sinclair Award which honors individuals who have made a significant contribution to education.

Pricing Information

When you sign up for ASD Reading, you receive a free 30 day trial unless you choose an immediate billing option.

Pricing is as follows:

  • – 1st student is $19.99/month, or $199.99 per year (20% off) with a 30 day trial. If you pay at the time of signup (skip the trial) it is only $14.99/month or $149.99/year.
  • – Each additional student is $9.99/month, or $99.99 per year (20% off) with a 30 day trial. If you pay at the time of signup for an additional student (skip the trial), it is only $7.49/month or $74.99/year.

You may cancel any of your individual monthly subscriptions at any time. If you are using the 30 day trial and you cancel before the end of 30 days you will not be charged.
Monthly subscriptions renew each month.
Annual subscription payments are one-time and do not renew.

My Thoughts

My son is 15. He also has autism. Getting him to read is impossible. Seriously, impossible. He gets angry when he doesn’t know words, which lead to meltdowns. But, I decided to try the ASD Reading program anyways. I figured at this point, it couldn’t hurt. Turns out that he loves it! He did the placement test, and we know that he reads at a lower level.

The program is fun, which keeps his engagement. The little dinosaur that is on there is very cute, and entertaining. The program has controls, so it can be paused if a break is needed. This is great, because my son’s attention span is very very short.  The lessons are easy to navigate, and interesting. My son really likes it, and to me, that tells me it’s a great program!




About Meiz U Shaped Pillow

  • 3D PP Cotton
  • Imported
  • PREMIUM FILLING MATERIAL – High-density and extra soft, this unique Bionic-Polyethylene filling without smelling provides comfort for side sleeping and retains fluffiness for better performance and longer use.
  • DESIGNED FOR YOU – The Restorology Body Pregnancy Pillow is designed to follow the natural curved shape of your body, no matter how you like to sleep. Our pillow was crafted for pregnant mothers but is comfortable for everyone.
  • VERSATILE & MULTI-FUNCTIONAL – This maternity body pillow creates a belly support position for sleeping, reading, nursing, watching TV, and breastfeeding. The full-body contour of this pillow provides a painless and sound sleep. Great GIFT for expecting mothers.
  • DEEPLY SLEEP EVERY NIGHT – Ideal for sciatica relieve leg swellin and back pain, prevent the oppression of the liver, prevention of hypertension syndrome, eliminate tossing and turning; As well as helps support head, back, belly, sides, knees, hip and feet.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Customer satisfaction is our top priority!!! If you are not satisfied with the body maternity pillow or any issues, we will refund for you within 30-day.

My Thoughts

This is a very comfortable pillow. It’s definitely not just for those that are expecting or nursing. I am neither of those things, and I enjoy it very much! It’s very soft, much softer and fuller than I expected. Generally when you get a body pillow from the store, they aren’t filled to your liking. This was perfect! I love the way I can lay inside the pillow and just be engulfed by it. I  have folded the sides under to make a nice reading “chair” in bed, and it works perfectly. This pillow works well by itself, and the head of it is comfortable enough that you don’t need another pillow under it. It has material that is nice and cool, and doesn’t make me overheat. Overall, I really love this and I will be using it for a long time!

**I received this product at a discount in exchange for my  honest opinion.



Give the Dad in your life the gift of Lugz this Father’s Day! He is sure to love them!

About Lugz

Always an innovator and leader in footwear, Lugz first made a name for itself in October of 1993, bringing its first line of boots to market, with the initial product consisting of two styles of boots, a quilted vest and a pair of jeans.

Soon Lugz was endorsed by key players from the world of hip hop and has continued to do so through out the years. One such collaboration led Lugz to breathe life to a whole new category of footwear with the introduction of the first ever celebrity-endorsed “Funk Master Flex” urban driving shoe. This was only the beginning as support then lead to a collaborative line with hip-hop superstar Bryan “Baby” Williams, aka “Birdman” with his own series of sneakers and boots.

From its inception, Lugz footwear has been an innovator in the footwear market from its signature styles, to creating trendsetting styles beyond boots and has added casual shoes and athletics to the mix for the Lugz men, Lugz women and Lugz kids lines.


My Thoughts

Honestly, I didn’t know  what to expect. Most of the time when ordering shoes on the internet, you don’t get what you are expecting. When these shoes came from Lugz, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were exactly as they should be! The fit is great, and the comfort level is off the charts! I love the black/gum style, as it reminds me of shoes from when I grew up. These shoes are very stylish and go well with pretty much any clothing worn. They can be worn with or without socks, without any discomfort. These are very budget friendly, only costing around $40. There are other colors you can choose from, not just the black/gum. Lugz has really made a lasting impression on me and my family, and have exceeded our expectations!


Who’s ready for a giveaway? Lugz has generously offered up a pair of the Seabrook shoes for 1 lucky winner! Just follow the widget instructions below, and good luck! Giveaway starts now, and ends at NOON EST on Sunday June 18!


Get Dad the gift of summer fun this Father’s Day! Keep reading for some great gift ideas.

Hershey’s S’Mores Caddy

summerThis handy box with a carrying handle holds everything needed to make yummy s’mores, including Hershey’s Chocolate Bars, graham crackers and marshmallows. Just load up the removable tray and take the caddy to the backyard, campsite, beach, etc. You can also use the Caddy to store items for later use.

My Thoughts

This caddy was just what we’ve been needing! We do a lot of S’Mores making throughout the summer. This summerhandy caddy has a place for everything. You put your marshmallows in the bottom, and your chocolate and graham crackers in top. It snaps shut to keep it all in, and has a handle for easy transport! This has really made it easier for us to enjoy our S’Mores time, without having to worry about bugs getting into our food. It looks super cute, too!

Mr. Bar-B-Q Kickstand Tools

summerKeeping your grill set and area clean is a breeze with the Mr. Bar-B-Q® Kickstand Grill Tool Set. With a serrated-edge spatula, tongs and marinating brush, this utensil set provides everything you need for cookout success. The kickstand design keeps each tool propped up to decrease the mess.


  • Grilling tool set
  • Includes a spatula, tongs, and marinating brush
  • Spatula boasts serrated edges on two sides for versatile use
  • Kickstand design helps keep grilling area clean
  • Durable utensils for multi-season use
  • Notch/hang loop for easy hanging

My Thoughts

My husband loves these tools! He’s an avid griller, and will BBQ at least once a week all year round, even in the winter. These tools reallysummer do it for him. The kickstand is awesome, as it lets him sit his gear down without getting it dirty. The spatula is nice and sharp, and does well with cutting, turning, and such. The baster brush is awesome! His old one is wooden with rough bristles like a paint brush, so it was hard to clean. The silicone design of this brush makes it a breeze to clean! The tongs are perfect for dogs, brats, or even corn on the cob. They grab the food nicely, preventing them from falling while being plated. This set has quickly become my husbands favorite!

Armor All Grill Cover

summerProtect your grill from elements the Armor All way all year long. This medium grill cover is made of high grade materials and is tested for strength and durability. It features include hook and loop side closures, handles, buckles, double stitched bottom seams, stylish taupe piping trim and pocket air vents that reduce condensation and wind lofting.

  • Fits most medium grills
  • UV protection treatment and cold crack resistant
  • 4 secure bottom buckles, 2 fabric handles, 2 pocket air vents, and stylish taupe piping trim

My Thoughts

This is a very nice grill cover. It fits my husband’s gas grill perfectly, protecting it from dust and dirt. It is made of high quality material, and the black with tan piping looks very “manly.” We have a lot of construction going on right outside of our house at the moment. This cover has made a huge difference. It has kept all of the dirt, dust and debris from coating our grill, which in turn would contaminate our food. It looks very stylish, and is easy to take on and off.

Sabatier 8″ and 4.5″ Knives

Sabatier EdgeKeeper Knives feature a sheath with innovated technology that is designed to automatically sharpen the blade with eachsummer use. The EdgeKeeper protective sheath contains a built-in mechanism that hones the blade before and after each use, maintaining a blade’s razor-sharp edge. The blade is made from high-carbon steel that lends strength, sharpness, and durability. Knives are not dishwasher safe. Hand-wash with warm water and a mild detergent; rinse and dry immediately.

My Thoughts

Holy Moly! These knives are sharp! I used the smaller one first, to slice onion for our burgers. It seriously sliced right through them like nothing. I had the perfect onion slices, and it took less time because of the quality of the knife. I adore the fact that there is a blade cover for each knife. This means I can store them in a drawer safely, and not worry about cutting myself when reaching into the drawer.

Another really cool feature of these knives is the self sharpening cover. Every time you put the knives back into their cover, it sharpens them. This keeps them ready for use, and they never get dull. The handle is beautiful and has a nice grip to it so your knife won’t slip while in use. Overall, these knives are amazing and I can’t wait to get more to add to my collection!


Every cat needs a hammock, right? Well, Pet Magasin has just what you need!

About Pet Magasin

Pet Magasin is a small company that specializes in quality and affordability when it comes to products for your pets. We know that you love your pets, they bring endless joy, and they are truly a part of your family. With these facts in mind, we are constantly committed to bringing you the best possible pet products at a quality you can beat, for the prices you can afford.

– All of our products are backed by a two-year money back guarantee. You can securely shop with Pet Magasin with 100% confidence.

Luxury Cat Hammock

  • A GREAT-LOOKING HAMMOCK FOR YOUR CAT TO SLEEP IN. Your cat will love how comfortable this hammock is, and you’ll love how it looks like a piece of fine furniture in your home
  • MADE FROM QUALITY MATERIALS THROUGHOUT. The frame is made from beautiful maple hardwood with a clear finish; other materials include sturdy hooks and chain of polished steel and soft, strong polyester-blend fabric
  • YOUR CAT WILL LOOK ADORABLE SLEEPING ON THIS HAMMOCK. There’s just something irresistibly cute about a cat snoozing on a comfy hammock that was obviously made just for cats
  • EASY ASSEMBLY, STURDY CONSTRUCTION. The hammock can be put together in a few minutes using the step-by-step instructions provided. Once assembled, it will easily support the largest of cats or a small dog

My Thoughts

The hammock wasn’t too hard to put together, thankfully, because I suck at putting things together. The instructions were clear and concise, and easy to follow. I absolutely adore how soft the hammock material is. It’s a super soft plush material, yet silky at the same time. Now, at first, I couldn’t get the cats onto it, but then, I found the trick. An empty plastic grocery bag..haha! I had a plastic bag on hand, and put it on the hammock to entice them, and viola! The next thing I knew, I had caught a cat..haha!

There is plenty of room on the hammock for a kitty to lay comfortably. Now, if you have small kittens, then more than one can fit easily. I like that I can simply wipe the hammock clean if anything gets on it. It’s built very nicely, and looks lovely in my living room. It’s such a great resting spot for the kitties, and they really enjoy it. I am going to need to get some more to keep  them from fighting over it!

*I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion.